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The Apprentice Witch

The Apprentice Witch

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Embark on a profound healing journey through the depths of your soul with our enlightening Apprentice Witch Bundle. This enchanting collection combines two essential components: the Shadow Work Tarot Deck and the accompanying Guidebook.

Discover the Magic of the Shadow Work Deck 

Shadow Work Tarot Deck: At the heart of this bundle lies our meticulously crafted Shadow Work Tarot Deck, designed to evoke healing. Each card is a gateway to confront past traumas, embrace your shadow aspects, and embark on a transformative path of personal growth.

Comprehensive Guidebook: To support your transformative journey, the accompanying Guidebook offers a wealth of wisdom and guidance. Inside, you'll find detailed instructions on engaging in shadow work with the tarot deck, insightful card interpretations, and thought-provoking exercises to deepen your understanding.

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What's Included in Your Bundle:

❂ 1 Shadow Work Tarot Deck with exquisite gold foil edges.
❂ 1 Shadow Work Guidebook filled with invaluable insights.

Product Details:

❂ Longer than standard length deck: 2.75" x 5.5" (iPhone 12/14 Pro size);
❂ Printed on high-quality 400GSM art paper;
❂ Premium Gold Foil Edges for an elegant touch;
❂ Sturdy box with a lid for safekeeping;
❂ Smooth Satin Feel with a Matte Finish for easy interpretation.

❂ A5 format (5.8 x 8.3 inches);
❂ Contains 73 pages of wisdom and guidance;
❂ Smooth Satin Feel with a Matte Finish for a tactile reading experience.

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