About us

In the uncharted territories of the soul, where shadows whisper secrets and light unveils truths, Erethereal was born. A journey which I, Vixen, began in the depths of personal exploration, in a space often left unspoken. A world that thrived in darkness. A world of escorting.

As an escort, I navigated through the complexities of human emotions and desires, learning that in our shadows lie our most profound stories and lessons. Erethereal emerged from this experience — a sanctuary for those who find solace and wisdom in the shadows.

These tarot and oracle decks are more than mere cards; they are keys to unlocking the most secluded parts of your being. They are designed for the wanderers, the outcasts, those who have courageously ventured into the dark corners of their existence, seeking not just to confront their inner demons but to embrace and learn from them.

Erethereal is a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit. It's for those who've felt the call of the shadows, finding within them a strange, comforting familiarity. It's for the brave souls who dare to embark on the ultimate quest of self-discovery — to face their deepest fears and emerge into the light, not just unscathed, but stronger, more radiant.

These decks are your companions on this journey. Each card is crafted with intention and infused with insights from a path less traveled. They are tools for reflection, healing, and empowerment. In them, you'll find not just images and symbols, but echoes of your own story, resonating with every flip, shuffle, and spread.

Welcome to Erethereal, where embracing the shadows is the first step to basking in your light.