Rent Boy

Dive into 'Rent Boy', a raw journey of a tarot-reading escort named Vixen. Navigate love, loss, and neon-lit nights in this powerful LGBTQ+ tale.

based on a life once lived


A memoir of love & survival

The name 'Vixen' wasn't given to me at birth. No, it was bestowed upon me by the neon-lit streets and shadowed alleyways that whispered tales of passion and pain in the dark corners of the city. It's a name synonymous with allure and secrets, where raw desires intertwine with fragile hopes.

The flicker of neon lights, the scent of cheap perfume and cheaper booze, the cacophony of laughter and tears—they are the undercurrents that ripple through the world of escorting. My world. One where the margins between love and betrayal are as thin as a razor's edge, and every face wears a mask stitched together by secrets and lies.

In this life of tangled sheets and broken dreams, I've been a puppet on strings—held up by desires, manipulated by fates, pulled in all directions by forces both seen and unseen. I dance on a stage where the spotlight casts shadows so dark, they swallow me whole at times.

But amidst the mayhem and the cacophony, there's always been a faint whisper, an elusive sense of another world waiting on the other side of the looking glass. A place where choices are mine to make, where the strings that tug and bind finally unravel, leaving me… free.

In this story, you will find chaos and serenity, betrayal and redemption, darkness and—perhaps—a glimmer of light. It's a dance between dichotomies, a tumble down a rabbit hole where up is down, and the end is just another name for the beginning.

You might think you know what this story is about, considering its origins in the elusive world of escorting. Maybe you're anticipating a salacious tale brimming with lust, or perhaps a cautionary account of fallen souls and broken dreams. But while those elements may touch the pages of this narrative, it's truly a story of love. Not the kind found in fairy tales, but the raw, burning, and sometimes agonizing love that life thrusts upon us.

​This isn't a work of pure fiction, nor is it an unabridged memoir. It's a reflection—a blend of my truths, the whispers of countless others, and the necessary embellishments that stories often demand. Through these pages, you will experience the dazzling highs and the despairing lows of a world few truly understand.

​As you turn each page, remember that beneath the makeup, behind the glitz and the facade, pulses a heart—one that's been shattered and mended more times than I'd care to admit. This heart has known true love, and it's this very love that's driven me to share my story.

 I am Vixen.

 And this is my tale—one of love, loss, and redemption. Embrace it, for every word etched on these pages is a testament to the power of the human spirit, to the depths we go to find love, and the lengths we'll travel to protect it.

So, take this journey with me. From the dizzying heights of stripper poles to the plummeting lows of a fractured existence, let's fall together.

After all, every story needs an audience. And every fall, a landing—or the endless freedom of the void.

Welcome to the World of Night. Are you ready to let go?