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Victorian Altar Cloths

Victorian Altar Cloths

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Dive into the depths of the Victorian era with our enchanting Victorian Altar Cloths. These exquisite altar cloths are designed to add a touch of ethereal beauty to your sacred space. Hand-stamped with a gold foil emblem, each piece is a unique work of art available in rich, luxurious colors.

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What Makes it Special?

🌙 Victorian Elegance: Immerse yourself in the opulence of the Victorian era with these beautifully designed altar cloths. Each piece reflects the intricate and sophisticated style of the time, bringing a touch of historical charm to your rituals.

🌙 Handcrafted Luxury: Every altar cloth is meticulously hand-stamped with a gold foil design, ensuring that each piece is unique and crafted with care. The luxurious velvet fabric adds a rich texture and elegance to your sacred space.

🌙 Versatile Use: Perfect for any altar, ritual, or meditation space. These squares can also be used as decorative pieces in your home, adding a touch of mystical charm wherever they are placed.

🌙 Rich Colors: Available in three captivating colors—Burgundy, Emerald, and Tea Green. Each color brings its own unique energy and aesthetic to your altar.

Product information:

❂ Size: 22" x 22" – Perfectly sized to fit any altar or sacred space;
❂ Material: Luxurious velvet with a gold foil stamp;
❂ Lightweight yet substantial;

Care Instructions:

Spot wash with cold water only. Do not machine wash. Hang dry to maintain the quality and longevity of the fabric.

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