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Obsidian Veil Oracle Deck

Obsidian Veil Oracle Deck

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Dive into the depths of the human experience with the Obsidian Veil Oracle Deck. This unique card deck features 50 cards showcasing remarkable women from folklore and history. Use their wisdom for personal growth and healing, transforming shadows into strength.

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What Makes it Special?

🌙 Historical Inspiration: Dive deep into history as you connect with remarkable women who have faced adversity and emerged stronger. Their stories serve as mirrors for your own journey.

🌙 Shadow Work: Embrace your inner shadows and unresolved emotions with guidance from these enigmatic women. Use this deck as a tool for introspection, healing, and personal growth.

🌙 Feminine Wisdom: Tap into the power of feminine energy and intuition. Let these guides empower you to embrace your own strength.

🌙 Transformational Insights: Seek answers to life's questions, gain clarity on challenges, and discover new paths forward through the wisdom of our cards.

🌙 Perfect for All Levels: Whether you're new to oracle decks or a seasoned practitioner, this deck provides a welcoming space for growth.

What's included:

❂ 50 beautifully illustrated oracle cards;
❂ A guidebook with card meanings and insights;
❂ A sturdy box for safekeeping.

Product information:

❂ Deck size: 2.75" x 5.5" (iPhone 12/14 Pro size);
❂ Printed on high-quality 400 GSM art paper;
❂ Premium gold foil edges;
❂ Sturdy box with a lid;
❂ A matte finish;
❂ Easy-to-interpret visuals.

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