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Moored x Erethereal

The Wandering Witch

The Wandering Witch

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Embark on a transformative journey with our carefully curated Wandering Witch Bundle, designed to guide you through the mystical depths of your soul. This enchanting bundle combines two essential components: the Shadow Work Tarot Deck and a luxurious leather Tarot Cloak.

Explore the Depths of Your Soul

Shadow Work Tarot Deck: At the heart of this bundle lies our Shadow Work Tarot Deck, a meticulously crafted collection of cards designed to evoke healing and self-discovery. Each card is a portal to confront past traumas, embrace your shadow aspects, and set out on a path of profound personal growth.

Luxurious Leather Tarot Cloak: To protect and preserve your Shadow Work Tarot Deck, we've included an exquisite leather Tarot Cloak. Handcrafted with care in British Columbia, these enchanting cloaks are tailored specifically for your deck. Not only do they shield your cards from external influences, but they also amplify the mystical aura of your tarot practice.

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What's Included:

❂ 1 Shadow Work Tarot Deck with exquisite gold foil edges;
❂ 1 Handmade Leather Tarot Cloak (available in brown or black);
❂ Downloadable EGuidebook for enhanced guidance.

Product Details:

❂ Longer than standard length deck: 2.75" x 5.5" (iPhone 12/14 Pro size).
❂ Printed on high-quality, thick 400GSM art paper.
❂ Premium Gold Foil Edges for a touch of elegance.
❂ Smooth Satin Feel with a Matte Finish for easy interpretation.

❂ Tailored for our Shadow Work Tarot and Obsidian Veil Oracle decks;
❂ Handmade with genuine, locally-sourced leather;
❂ Meticulously hand-sewn with durable materials;
❂ A smooth, tactile feel that becomes even more supple over time.

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